The Heart of the Earth

The „Heart of the Earth” medal have founded by World Organization Koluchstyl. This Medal is given to people and institutions who work for development of human, earth and human integration. Those people and institutions bring help through education, humanitarian actions, medical help and strongly care about ecologic state of our planet. The initiator and the designer of this award is Wieslaw Koluch, who is also the founder of polish martial art Koluchstyl. The graphic design consultant is Jaroslaw Hnidziejko.

The diameter of the medal is 65mm. On a circular shape medal is a blue earth’s map. There is a golden heart in the middle of it. That golden heart is a heart of every man that brings help and hope to other people. There are two ribbons coming out from the bottom of the heart. They are white and red – Polish national colours. The reverse is golden with a title saying: „The Heart of the Earth medal” and a catalogue number below (enclosed also in certificate and engraved on additional metal plaque). Medal is presented with a navy blue necklace ribbon attached.

The „Heart of the Earth” medal will be given for a first time in December 2014 in Bialystok, Poland. We will be giving out those medals every 2 years to 7 people or institutions chosen within nominees.

 International Council of The „Heart of the Earth” medal is composed of 15 to 17 members from around the world. Mrs Genowefa Wisniowska – a Vice Marshal of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland isthe Chairman of Council.

The intention of the originator of the medal, Wieslaw Koluch, was to draw attention to people and communities to individuals who have devoted their lives to work for another man, sacrificing not only their free time , but also their entire private life devoted to one goal – helping others. In today’s world we see so many differences, there are so many divisions based on race, nationality, religion . Many people see only these differences , but fail to notice that behind a different religion, nationality, skin colour is an equal human being,  who needs food, clothing and attention. Ignorance towards other people is the first step to allow violence grow. Today’s world have consumed our minds, which resulted in us losing our humanity, and the differences between people are often determined by their wealth. A wealthy person is considered better than a poor one. It is not true at all! Originator of the medal and founder of the „Koluchstyl” – the polish martial art, says that what determines a human’s value ​​is what he can give to another human here and now. As a psychologist and traveller he visited a considerable part of the world and watched these differences, not only the material ones but also educational. He came to the conclusion that not only the aid, but also promoting those people who dedicate themselves to others, the earth , nature and the world around us may draw the attention of society. There are people who are similar to us however, they are often materially poorer, but with a big heart. Often such people give us a positive example of man’s work. We can follow their path and support their activities.

The Heart of the Earth medal is rewarded to the people who carry selfless assistance for others. This medal is also a reminder for those people, that they are not alone, that there is an international organization with international council that knows about their work, appreciates and supports their activities by promoting them in their country as well as abroad, which often can help in expanding their activities.

The Heart of the Earth Medal is awarded every two years for seven people. 7 symbolizes the seven days of a week, during which these people work for others, for ecology, for human integration. World Organisation Koluchstyl which brings together 36 countries and martial art of Koluchstyl, in which contestants compete in different disciplines such as wrestling, judo, jujitsu, Sambo, MMA or grappling have a similar goal to make people involved in them meet and exchange their experiences and integrate. In sport there is no politics, there is no racism. Likewise, the Heart of the Earth medal is awarded in order for society to integrate and set a common goal – helping the needy.

Today as we are starting giving out the Heart of the Earth medal, we are already getting suggestions to give out the medal not only in Bialystok, but also in the capital city – Warsaw or even abroad. The idea of giving out the Heart of the Earth medal is very simple, you just need  to reflect on the differences surrounding us and the fact that we all live on the same planet. If we don’t work together and keep fighting with each other, destroying the environment, we will contribute to our fall and degradation of our planet.

Today, members of the international council are working very hard to select institutions and people to reward the Heart of The Earth medal. They analyze all the information about the nominated as well as their credibility. They don’t only check the data provided by our representatives but also check other sources. Checking  credibility of the people living outside of Europe, for example in Brazil or South Africa requires much more effort. The nominated person must sign an approval form for nomination. The World Organisation Koluchstyl must deal with a number of issues related to the invitations , visas and organisation of celebrations.

Rewarded people and institutions work for many, many years. The prize cannot be awarded for one year or one-time help or assist. Organization or person receives this award for many years of hard work and total dedication. If a person who got awarded with the medal gets into trouble with the law or behaves immorally in the future, the Heart of the Earth medal in such a situation cannot be taken away. The council awards for years of service. Punishing is not a council’s duty. There are institutions that deal with judging and punishing. The opinion and the law can also be flawed especially in the third world countries, where a person or institution might be inconvenient to the government.

The organization of the ceremony of awarding the Heart of the Earth medal is a collective work of many governmental and non-governmental institutions as well as private individuals. Gala is a promotion for both our country and the region in which it will take place.